Zero Almond Croissants
A surreal post-apocalyptic dystopia where people barter to try and own as few almond croissants as possible. Why? They're free and impossible to resist, the vast majority of mankind have succombed to cyanide poisoning. Created in 48 hours using paper puppets, a blue screen and a hand fan.
The Marionette
My largest 3D animation project examines power imbalances and how the illusion of power can shift, but those pulling the strings remain unchallenged. The cyclical plot is reflective of that of the September 11th military coup in Chile, an event airbrushed from mainstream history.
Loud Mouths
Created from scratch in just 48 hours, including character creation, scripting, puppetry, visual effects and sound track composition, this short film tells the story of an entitled socialite and the four friends that seek to teach him the errors of his ways.
City Attack
CGI, lighting and compositing demo set in Shanghai, China. Everything except the protagonist and the table are fully CGI, including window reflections and an exploding city. The film was recorded entirely on green screen at Brunel University London and all 3D and compositing work was done by myself, with the help of a few stock elements.
A short highly stylised animation making use of digital 3D models as well as real filmed bluescreen elements to tell a simple and humerous punchline.
A Story About You
A Story About You is a comedy drama about the consequences of the actions of a young couple in Toronto told from a unique continuous POV perspective. I had the privilege of working on 25 shots for the film in rig removal, reflection cleanup and, most importantly, creation of a giant flaming vortex to hell.
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