Livers & Heart Disease
The first 2.5D claymation loop project I ever worked on, a short music video for the Little Teeth song Livers & Heart Disease. It's very rough around the edges but I'm still proud of it.
Runaway Train
A quick test animation for a long term client with two characters in the flat 2.5D style and digital warped animation. I've since discontinued animating in this way because it looks a little flat, hand animating the characters would look a lot better.
Sea Cucumber
A test project for underwater effect claymation using layers of clay at low opacity to create ripples and digitally animated turbulence to look like an underwater scene.
Clay puppetry comedy film made to get out of a creative block where I didn't second guess myself on anything and just added elements until I had a film. The result is very rough but in a way that adds to the experience.

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